Simple. Fast. Flexible.
WebTube HD is HighTech the easy way.
All you need to enjoy the Internet in High Definition, is a flat-screen TV with a free HDMI input as well as an Internet access. WebTube HD will make it easy to connect: Just connect WebTube HD's integrated network interface to your Internet router. You want to go wireless? Just plug a wireless adapter to the USB interface of WebTube HD and connect to your wireless router. You don't need more network knowledge, because the First Time Installation menue of WebTubeHD will take you by the hand to connect to the Internet in just a few steps.

The housing is extremely compact and has a rotatable mounting eyelet on the back to mount WebTube HD directly to the back of your TV. Since WebTube HD comes with a high-quality wireless RF remote control instead of the usual infrared remotes controls, you will need no visible connection between the remote and WebTube HD.

Besides the possibility to connect a wireless adapter to the USB port of WebTube HD, the USB port can also be used to connect, for example, a wireless keyboard.

Despite its enormous capacity WebTube HD stays amazingly cool in operation, as WebTube HD is being connected via an external energy-saving power supply.

You have always been annoyed by the long time required for a conventional PC to boot? With WebTube HD, this belongs to the past, because WebTube HD is available within a few seconds.