With WebTube HD informed at a glance.
Quickly get an overview. With the widgets of WebTube HD, which are displayed on the startup screen, you know, what the local weather will be and check time and calendar at a glance. Constantly updated over the Internet, the widget is a useful companion for your day.
Borderless surfing with WebTube HD.
With WebTube HD's full-fledged browser you conquer the Internet on your TV without the hassle of restrictions. Enjoy loading of pages within seconds and easy and quick typing of Internet addresses with the compact RF remote control and onscreen keyboard. Save your personal favorites and experience the Internet the first time in true high definition.

Comfort is very important for WebTube HD: Even small fonts are easily legible by simply pushing the the zoom button on the remote control. The window-function allows you to open multiple web pages simultaneously and switch between pages. Your TV has picture-in-picture technology? Surf the web with WebTube HD and track a current TV program in parallel.
With WebTube HD always at the best addresses.
Whether news, sports, fashion, lifestyle, the current TV program and much more: The Hot Links take you to the best and most interesting sites of your country without even entering Internet addresses. A change of the Hot Links from one country to another is made in the Hot Link menu on the fly. The Hot Links are constantly updated and extended by the team of WebTube HD.
Personalize your TV program with WebTube HD.
Experience television in a different way. With the special YouTube application on your WebTube HD experience movie trailers, short films and many more videos directly from your large TV screen. The offer is overwhelming and new videos are added every day - in High Definition and also in 3D. With Web Tube HD you can easily find videos you are looking for. Or you can always see the most popular videos - in a preview screen or in full screen format by simply pushing the button on your remote control.
All around the world with WebTube HD.
See the world with different eyes with the special Google Maps application on your Web Tube HD. Set out to travel the world in High Definition with satellite or map view. With the zoom function you will not miss even the smallest details. The practical route planning will let you search the optimal connection between places in no time and display on your large screen TV.
Always open to new ideas with WebTube HD.
You want to receive and post emails on your TV? Or turn WebTube HD into your Jukebox? Get entertained by interesting and exciting games? Communicate with friends and acquaintances with the special Facebook app? Explore the knowledge of the world with the special Wikipedia app? Look at images in brilliant quality and in full screen format with the Picasa app? The Application Market of WebTube HD features all of these and much more more for free and the offer is constantly expanding. The applications are downloaded instantly to your device and can be used after a short installation.